I love JQ… and JQ loves you!

The aim of Saturday’s instameet was to show our love for one of Birmingham’s most beautiful areas, and some of the award winning businesses that are based there. Judging by the chats that we had with many IGers afterwards and when looking through the images that were posted, we certainly think that this has been achieved!

Many IGers told us how much they had enjoyed visiting each of the businesses, how warmly they had been welcomed, how wonderfully diverse the locations were and how the beauty of the streets in between the businesses were.

In turn, we’ve heard from businesses about how much they have enjoyed the event too and seeing the images that have been posted. Each business has picked their top three images from the instameet.

The Quarter Workshop

A wonderful space full of wonderful things, with what is potentially Birmingham’s most delightful windowsill display is how we would sum up the Quarter Workshop! Thank you for allowing us to invade your space and turning what we’re sure is a normally serene space in to something a little more chaotic.

The Quarter Workshop’s favourite photos:

Hanny Foxall
Under a pewter sky
Tom Gracie

The Coffin Works

There were plenty of opportunities for still life and portraiture at the Coffin Works. The space itself is beautiful and is full of objects that were not only interesting to photograph, but it was great to learn about their use and history too. Cornelius Genius was a particular favourite subject for some portrait photography (as seen below in @cpf_photography_birmingham’s shot). Thank you for allowing us to visit – I am sure that many of us will be back to take a more leisurely look very soon.

The Coffin Works’ favourite photos:

chris fletcher


Our favourite thing about Barberology was the energy and personalities of their team and barbershop, which are captured in many of the shots we’ve seen. It is great to see fleeting moments caught on camera and the way in which many IGers managed to use the mirrors to give an extra dimension to the composition of their shots. Thank you for having us and of course a special thanks must go to the unwitting clients who were caught in the fray!

Barberology’s favourite photos:




Lily Jones Florist

The shots taken at Lily Jones florist captured not only the beauty of the flowers and plants on offer, but also the way in which they were so superbly arranged and presented. This shop is one of the most beautiful and fragrant shops we’ve seen in a long time! Flowers may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but even IGers that are more at home photographing streetart or architecture managed to find something to photograph. Thank you for being part of the instameet and we certainly now know where to come for Birmingham’s most beautiful flowers.

Lily Jones Florist’s favourite photos:


1000 Trades

1000 Trades gave us a very warm welcome at the end of our route. Thank you ever so much for accommodating us (sorry about the mini-fire incident!). We wish you the best of luck with you expansion in to the room on the top floor which some of us got to see.

1000 Trades’ favourite photos:

Matt Mccreery
@mac_mccreery (this room on the top floor of 1000 Trades is due to be developed in to a useable space soon!)
Stormy weather 80
Sam McAuliffe


Once again, a massive thank you to all the IGers,  the businesses and everyone at JQ BID that took part in another successful IGersBirmingham Instameet.

We’re sure that we’ll be back!