Best in show from Hippodrome Instameet

Fraser and I are always looking for new and interesting locations to hold instameets so when Visit Birmingham offered us the opportunity to collaborate on an instameet at the Birmingham Hippodrome we jumped at the chance. As soon as we advertised the event the response was overwhelming. The 30 spaces sold out in less than 10 minutes – we could have probably filled 5 or 6 instameets, such was the demand.

Based on the feedback of the attendees and the photos that have been posted, the instameet itself was a resounding success and so hopefully we will be able to organise another instameet there.

The whole building was full of features that were both interesting to hear about and interesting to photograph. It was fantastic to be able to see bits of the building that would normally be off-limits to the public, or spaces being empty when if someone was visiting normally the area would be full. 

Particular highlights were:

  • The empty auditorium and being able to stand on the stage to see it from the performers’ point of view.
  • All the props, scenery and equipment in the backstage and wings area, including the way they were organised.
  • The fly gallery above the stage.
  • The ballet studio.

It’s always really difficult after an instameet to pick our favourite photos, so this time we asked Louise from Visit Birmingham and Laura from the Hippodrome to pick their favourites from the nearly 350 shots that were posted:


See all the images here.

Thank you to the Hippodrome for such a warm welcome!

Words by Beth Astington