Birmingham Botanical Gardens Summer Instameet – Part 1

We absolutely love the commitment of the IGers Birmingham community to their passion. Rain, hail, snow, nothing it seems will stop them from making the most of any opportunity to be creative with their cameras. This was proven yet again last Friday night at our instameet at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. As always though, their dedication was rewarded with a stunning photographic moment.

The summer heatwave seemed a distant memory as the heavens opened just after 5 pm and the temperatures seemed to plummet as a forewarning of the impending Autumnal chill. As organisers we understood that this may have put people off coming, so we stood entranceway to the Gardens waiting nervously to see if those who had signed up would ignore common sense and turn up to this mainly outdoor event. We couldn’t have blamed them really, as we stood there in raincoats and big jumpers! Needless to say that we needn’t have worried, as over 75 people showed up to make the most of the privileged access to the gardens offered through the instameet.

Designed by Scotsman J.C. Loudon and opening to the public in 1832, the layout of the gardens is much the same as its original design. The gardens feature glasshouses filled with tropical plantlife from all over the planet, a stunning aviary, butterfly house, and many other great examples of horticulture. If you’re lucky, you might even bump into the resident peacocks as you explore the gardens many acres of foliage and water features. 

The instameet attendees made their way around the interior and exterior exhibits at the gardens, documenting the plant life on display. As usual, people ranging from amateur enthusiasts to full-time professional photographers used the opportunity to try out new shots techniques with their equipment. Be it smartphones, DSLR’s, or film cameras, beautiful images were created by everyone as can be seen by looking at the event hashtag on Instagram #igb_meet_bbgsummer. 

For the hardy few that stayed to the end despite the damp and cold, what better reward than a glorious brumset over the gardens. The skies cleared just enough to allow the sunset to colour the remaining clouds a deep pink and purple, giving those who had ignored common sense a special treat for their dedication.

Below are a few images we grabbed from the event.