Giving yourself a new challenge

When the global IGers movement was founded, developing a supportive community where people could share experiences with others was key. For that reason some of our blog posts will tackle some common IGer issues that can affect photographers of all skill levels.

First up: what to do when you feel like you’re stuck in a bit of an instarut (yep, we’re totally aware this a complete #firstworldproblem!). You feel like you’re doing too much of the same sort of thing. Something doesn’t quite feel the same, you’re not happy with your photos or maybe real life takes over and you’re not finding the energy / time to post.

We investigated what some members of the IGers community have done when they’ve wanted to get back on their Instagram-bandwagon, and thought about what we’ve done in the same situation. Here’s a round-up of suggestions!

  1. Challenge yourself to posting something every day, either a new photograph or a photo from your own archives that you haven’t posted before. Keep it manageable by just aiming to do it for a week or a month. This could get you back in the habit.
  2. If you post loads, then how about switching it up and giving yourself the challenge of JUST picking just the best one or two? This could be quite a challenge!
  3. Experiment with new editing styles – HDR, black and white, brighter, darker, colour splash and so on.
  4. Experiment with a new style of photography, for example street portraiture, abstract, long exposure or macro photography. If your feed is normally architecture / urban landscapes, then why not try more natural scenes or vice versa?
  5. Go somewhere completely new, whether it’s a new bit of the city (even as simple as going to the top of that multi-story carpark you walk past every day), or going further afield. For Birmingham inspiration, why not take a look at where we’ve been on past instameets? To make it more challenging if you’re the sort of person that always posts at the end of the day, after reviewing all your photos, then why not challenge yourself to post a few photos as you go?
  6. Experiment with tools like boomerang or hyperlapse, or apps like Tiny World or Colour Splash. The results are not to everyone’s taste, but it can be a bit of fun which is what Instagram is all about.

Our experiments with Tiny World and Colour Splash:

capture capture2

Things that could help you with these challenges:

  1. Attend an instameet! This can help you because lots of our instameets are in places people have not been before and due to the nature of an instameet you can easily challenge yourself. The instameet might be themed like this one on abstract photography.  If it’s somewhere you go on a regular basis, being there on an instameet often means you have the time to look a little closer, explore a little more and because you’re surrounded by fellow IGers, this can help with getting inspiration with your shots.
  2. Enter a competition or a festival.
  3. Follow an account that does challenges or prompts to post images on a particular theme, like @hidden_igers, Instagram itself,  or @fatmumslim. Perhaps this is something we might do as a mini-challenge in the future.
  4. Follow an account that reposts images on a particular theme and challenge yourself to get picked – there are all sorts of accounts out there, like @ihaveathingforshadows or @ihavethisthingwithwalls.

Our experiments with taking photos to try and get reposted by @ihaveathingforshadows:

capture3 capture4

There you have it, a round-up of ways in which we and members of the IGers community have dealt with instaruts.

Has anyone else got any suggestions on what has worked for them? How have you fared when you challenged yourself in any of the ways mentioned? Would you like to see an IGersBirmingham month long “prompt a day” challenge?

Let us know!