IGers Birmingham 101

With so many new members joining the IGers Birmingham community every month, we thought we’d give a recap on how the Photo of the Day and Photo of the Week work.

Photo of the Day:

Put simply, one of IGers Birmingham’s key features is our daily “Photo of the Day”. The three members of Team IGers Birmingham @bethastington @ocuk and @frasermcgeefoto operate on a weekly rota. Every night, the admin that’s on duty goes through all the images that have used #igersbirmingham since the last POTD and chooses their favourite.

A selection of POTD, On Tour, Throwback Thursday and Follow Friday posts

How to be considered:

  • Use the hashtag #igersbirmingham on your photos of Birmingham that you post on instagram.
  • Also, just tagging @igersbirmingham in the image or comments and not using the hashtag means we won’t necessarily see your post.
  • It’s got to be posted and your account should be public – we don’t accept photos via DMs or story posts and if your account is private we can’t see it.
  • And just so you know – we don’t take requests.

The photos that catch our eye…

Defining the images that we choose as POTD is hard! We try to feature a range of views and locations, styles, instagramers and types of image. We also like to throw in the occasional creative shot. All three admins naturally have their own tastes as well.

The obvious rule is that we’re looking for images that are recognisably Birmingham, and on the whole promote the city.

Secondly, as photography itself is a key part of our ethos we like our POTDs to be of a good photographic quality. This means that they might tell a story through the image, are interesting, are well composed, or make good use of light, colour etc.

Good photography means more than the latest equipment or years of experience – our POTDs are by photographers of all levels and use a variety of equipment. Photographers that are demonstrating a development in their skills are encouraged.

A selection of POTD, On Tour, Throwback Thursday and Follow Friday posts

Where is / isn’t included?

We share pictures of Birmingham and the immediate surrounding areas. A lot of the images that are posted on the hashtag (and so are in the running for POTD) are often the city centre, however we’d love to see more from the suburbs etc.

The IGers Birmingham “patch” roughly extends:

  • as far north (and including) Sutton Park,
  • as far east (and including) as Birmingham airport,
  • as far south (and including) as the M42 / Lickey Hills
  • as far west (and including) the Clent Hills.

For images that are on the outer edges of this area then you can also use #igersblackcountry or #igersworcestershire as appropriate.

A selection of POTD, On Tour, Throwback Thursday and Follow Friday posts

Other features:

As well as the POTD, on Thursdays we select an old shot for #ThrowbackThursday and every Friday we highlight a member of the IGersBirmingham community for our #FollowFriday feature. Then on Saturdays we choose seven images from across the week and post them on facebook in a feature we call our “magnificent seven”. These are images that could have been POTD, but were just pipped by another post. Make sure you check all these posters on Instagram!

“On Tour” Photo of the Week:

Back in 2017 we came up with a way that the IGers Birmingham community could share their non-Birmingham photos with other members of the community by launching the #igersbirminghamontour hashtag. Similar to the POTD, on a Sunday evening the member of Team IGers Birmingham on duty that week goes through the hashtag and picks their favourite to share on our feed.

A selection of images from the On Tour hashtag

Community – share the love:

A key part of IGers Birmingham is the community that has developed over the last seven years. Get involved by engaging with others that use the hashtag or get featured, follow them and encourage them. Also help us spread the word – the community is open to everyone so if you see someone who’s posting images of the city but not using the hashtag, tell them about us! If you want to meet some of the people that use the hashtag, then why not come to an @IGersBirmingham instameet — find out more here.

And finally:

Think we’re sharing too many photos of one location or certain styles? Be the change you want to see: we can only feature what’s on the hashtag, so get posting!

One disclaimer: We assume you are legally allowed to post the photo you’ve posted. For example you have permission to be in the location you’re in or you’re not breaking drone rules!

A selection of POTD, On Tour, Throwback Thursday and Follow Friday posts