IGersBirmingham: Behind the scenes (or screens!)

Fraser @frasermcgee, Beth @bethastington & Annabell @annabell_lamba work together to run @IGersBirmingham.

Why do we do it? Because we love promoting photography in & of Birmingham! We enjoy building a community of people who like to post photos & we love providing opportunities for people to meet up and explore somewhere new. It’s also nice to share images of the city with people that like to view great photos!

How we do this:

🌟 PHOTO OF THE DAY: Every night one of us reviews all of the images posted to #igersbirmingham over the previous 24hrs, picking one that shows off the area in the best possible way. We look for images of good photographic quality (well composed, interesting use of light, colour, angles etc). That shot is then reposted to our followers.
📷 INSTAMEETS: In essence, an instameet is where a group of instagramers get together & take photos, which they share on Instagram using an event-specific hashtag. The basic steps involved in organising one include: having an idea (or someone approaches us with one); a recce of the location; working out the details; advertising it; preparing information for attendees (eg leaflets); communicating with attendees; & running the event itself. Events typically end with socialising. Some are large events with unlimited numbers, but some events unfortunately have limited places – eg if the location is small. Instameets are a key part of IGers accounts all over the world, and they mean that we’re a community that’s active offline as well as online.
🏆 COMPETITIONS: Pretty straight forward – we set a theme, coordinate judging & prizes. As we’re a part of the official @igers network, we often get details of national competitions. We pass these details on to our followers- especially as there are often great prizes!
💛 BESPOKE EVENTS: Sometimes we are approached by organisations who want to collaborate with us to host an instameet. Soho House and Bistrot Pierre are 2 examples – contact us for more details if you’d like to work with us!
👌🏻 OTHER STUFF: We also have projects like our exhibition, this blog, social events, helping newcomers to the city via our ‘Instagramers Guide to Birmingham’ (coming soon), commissions for publications and all sorts of things!