#IGersBirminghamOnTour: Nuremberg (Part 2)

Our trip to Nuremberg continued.

Nazi Party Rally grounds (Reichsparteitagsgelände)

The Nazi Party Rally grounds cover an area about 11 square km in the southeast of the city. The site is now a memorial, racing track, concert hall, museum and outdoor space used for leisure activities and festivals and there is a massive lake in the middle. Parts of it have been under monument protection since 1973 as significant examples of Nazi architecture.

Rain clouds at the lake, @mr.simsingh

Congress Hall (Kongresshalle) and Documentation Centre (Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitagsgelände)

The Congress Hall is the biggest building on the site, and the largest preserved national socialist monumental building. Inspired by the design of the Colosseum in Rome, it was intended to serve as a congress centre for the NSDAP with a self-supporting roof and should have provided 50,000 seats. The foundation stone was laid in 1935, but the building remained unfinished and without a roof. Modern architects say that the proposed self-supporting roof would not have been possible to build at the time. The Documentation Centre (Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitagsgelände) with the permanent exhibition Fascination and Terror (Faszination und Gewalt), has been located in the northern wing of the Congress Hall since 2001. In the southern building wing there is a Concert Hall which is home to the Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra (Serenadenhof).

Entrance to the Documentation Centre, @sidhu88
Beth 2
Puddlegram inside the Congress Hall, @bethastington
Beth 1
Looking up inside the Congress Hall, @bethastington
Sim 2
Exterior of the Congress Hall, @mr.simsingh

Zeppelinfeld (Zeppelinhaupttribüne)

The Zeppelinfeld consists of a large grandstand on one side, an open area in the middle that’s about the size of 4 football pitches and a banked area around the outside. Part of the area in front of the grandstand forms part of the racetrack that has been created there. The grandstand is famous as the building that had the swastika blown off the top of it in 1945, after Germany’s fall in WW2. The name “Zeppelinfeld” or “Zeppelinwiese” refers to the fact that in August 1909 Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin landed with one of his airships in this location.

The Grandstand, @arewhorn
View of the outer edge of the stands, @ocuk
Abi 2
The Grandstand, @arewhorn
IGers on the racetrack, @arewhorn


Perched above the river Pegnitz is the Hospital of the Holy Spirit. It has been a hospital since the Middle Ages and used to house lepers. It’s now an old people’s home and restaurant and a perfect spot for a bit of nighttime long exposure photography.



This is a large square with a church (Frauenkirche), the Beautiful Fountain (Schöner Brunnen) and it is where there is a market (including an actual German Christmas Market – I imagine it’s a just a tad different to Birmingham’s…).

Detail of the Beautiful Fountain, @arewhorn
Market stalls in front of the Church, @arehowrn
Gentleman taking a rest in front of the Beautiful Fountain, @bethastington
The top of the Beautiful Fountain, with St Lorenz church in the background, @ocuk
The church at night, @sidhu88
Market stalls in front of the Church, @bethastington


Wanderer Bieramt

In the shadow of the city walls, Robert took us to this great spot for some excellent German beer and people (and dog) watching in the sunshine. There were some lovely streets all around this area. We liked it so much that we returned the next day before we headed back to Birmingham.

A street near the Wanderer Bieramt, @ocuk
Part of the square where the Wanderer Bieramt bar was, @arewhorn
Dog watching outside Wanderer Bieramt, @arewhorn
A street near the Wanderer Bieramt, @mr.simsingh

So that was our trip to Nuremberg and the first international #igersbirminghamontour trip and a resounding success. Thank you to BMI Regional for the flights; Robert and Johannes from @igers_nuernberg for kindly showing us around; Michael for our tour of the St Lorenz Church; Jon, Abi, Martin, Jay and Sim for being excellent travelling companions; and Michelle from BMI for being a wonderful stewardess on our return flight.

In compiling this instablog post we realised that there were so many more great photos that we’d like to share, so we’ll be uploading them to Facebook in the next few days – keep an eye out!

IGersBirmingham flew courtesy of BMI Regional