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The Moseley Road Bath’s is a stunning Victorian-era bath house that is part operational and part derelict. Designated for closure by the City Council, the Bath’s are still however very much in use thanks to the one operational pool that it still has. The Bath’s are a cherished part of the local Balsall Heath community and play a major role in the health and fitness of the local population, from school children learning to swim, to pensioners enjoying a relaxing paddle. The forecast closure of the Bath’s will have a measurable impact on the current users of the pool who will have to travel to the next nearest pool which is in Sparkbrook.

On the 1st of February, local action group Friends of Moseley Road Bath’s launched a campaign to increase awareness of the Bath’s to encourage more people to go swimming there, with the ultimate aim of changing the mind of the City Council. The campaign has many threads to it which are detailed below in the press release, however one particular thread was an invitation to IGersBirmingham to come and document the Bath’s in it’s current state. The aim of the visit; to promote the campaign to the Instagram community of Birmingham. Only 10 places were available for this visit so it was offered up to a very small number of members of the community with preference given to those who had never been before. The IGers got to explore the stunning but now derelict Gala Pool, with its crumbling balconies and empty pool providing great inspiration for their photography. The boiler room and laundry room of the Bath’s were also open as was the impressive rot iron water tank in the roof space which is no longer in use.

Kris Askey, Chris Fletcher, Rebecca Orleans, Jay Sidhu, and a few others spent Sunday lunchtime last week exploring  and shooting these incredible Victorian Baths. We asked the attendees to share their favourites shots from the event with us so that we could post them as part of this blog. The images are shown below along with the press release from Friends of Moseley Road Bath’s.

Press Release  from Friends of Moseley Road Bath’s.

“Date: 1st February

From: Friends of Moseley Road Baths

Where: Moseley Road Baths, Balsall Heath & on social media

#KeepSwimmingMRB: February is a month of action for Friends of Moseley Road Baths!

On 1st February, Friends of Moseley Road Baths are starting a new campaign which will run throughout February to demonstrate community and public support for keeping swimming at Moseley Road Baths. 

This draws together a number of strands:

  1. The release of a new film produced in conjunction with World Monument Fund which invited individuals to come and share their memories and stories about the Baths.
  2. A campaign by a Birmingham photographer showing local groups who came to Moseley Road Baths to demonstrate their support including:
  • Balsall Heath WI
  • Ort Gallery
  • Birmingham Bike Polo
  • Muslim Student House Mosque
  • Moseley Yoga
  1. An invitation to members of the public to share their own pictures of them visiting the Baths using the hashtags #keepswimmingmrb and #moseleyroadbaths

Details will be posted on the Friends of Moseley Road Baths website, facebook page, Twitter and Instagram (both @MoseleyRdBaths).

For more information contact: Kat Pearson 07713141928, Kathryn.Pearson@mail.bcu.ac.uk or visit http://www.friendsofmrb.co.uk/


Callum Bourke @callumthomasbourke1997.jpg

Callum Bourke (@callumthomasbourke)

Chris @cpf_photography 1

Chris Fletcher (@cpf_photography)

Frankie Glover Finlay 1 @frankie.glover

Frankie Finlay (@frankie.finley)

Imran 1 @imran_ab

Imran Ab (@imran_ab)

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James Benwell (@jimpanda)

James Burnett 1 @iamjamesburnett

James Burnett (@iamjamesburnett)

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Jay Sidhu (@sidhu88)

Kris @krisaskey 3

Kris Askey (@krisaskey)

Nicky Butler @nickywarwickshire

Nicky Butler (@nickywarwickshire)

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Rebecca Orleans (@poppybead)

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Sarah Allen (@sabraham23)


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