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IGersBirmingham, or Instagramers of Birmingham, is the official Instagram account for the Birmingham branch of the global Instagramers movement.

2010: The founding of a worldwide movement
The Instagramers (IGers) movement was created with the aim of helping photographers to improve their skills, and quickly evolved into developing photographic communities around the world that were linked through a single social network (Instagram). The movement was founded in Madrid by Phil Gonzalez and now spans 60 countries with over 500 cities around the world represented by their own Instagramers communities.
A key part of the IGers movement, and what makes it different to many other Instagram accounts, is that they have communities that are active offline as well as online.

2011-2012: The founding of IGersBirmingham
IGersBirmingham was established by David Rann and Nettie Edwards in 2012 to develop an Instagram photography community in the city, to promote photography in Birmingham and of Birmingham. David and Nettie held the first ever instameets in Birmingham in 2011 and 2012 and started posts to the IGersBirmingham hashtag.
In December 2013, David passed the reigns to Fraser McGee.

2014: Under new management
Fraser’s first year in charge of the account saw it grow from 250 followers to almost 1000 with more and more people using the IGersBirmingham hashtag everyday.
  • Daily reposting of the best posts to the IGersBirmingham hashtag started;
  • 2 Instameets held;
  • 4 Competitions ran;

2015: The community comes together
2015 saw the seeds of the IGersBirmingham community that we have today being sewn through a huge increase in offline activity by IGersBirmingham.
  • 8 Instameets held;
  • 4 Competitions ran;
  • Follower numbers grew from 1000 to almost 5000;
  • PHOTO OF THE DAY daily reposting program launched to showcase a single post from hashtag each day.

Having attended their first instameet in June 2015, Annabell Lamba and Beth Astington approached Fraser to suggest holding an Instameet at their place of work: the University of Birmingham. Following a very successful event, Beth and Annabell continued to assist with Instameet organisation for the rest of the year.

2016:  The formation of Team IGersBirmingham 

In January 2016, Beth and Annabell became official partners to Fraser in the running of IGersBirmingham.
Today, the IGersBirmingham account and community is well recognised within the city.
Key 2016 acheivements:
  • Passing 11,000 followers on Instagram;
  • Regularly having over 150 photos posted to the hashtag (#IGersBirmingham) making chosing the daily “Photo of the Day” repost very difficult!
  • Passing 105,000 photos posted to the hashtag in total;
  • Holding 20 “Instameets”, attracting up to 160 people at the largest;
  • Higher quality entiries in our photography competitions than ever before;
  • More collaborations with organisations for Instameets, competitions, projects and events than ever before;
  • An exhibition.

2017: Bigger than even before
2017 was another incredibly busy year for Team IGers Birmingham with lots of instameets, competitions, socials, trips to instameets held by other IGers groups and even a sponsored visit to Nuremberg.
It also saw a couple of changes in Team IGers Birmingham. In January Annabell decided to pursue other projects. Beth and Fraser continued to work together to build on the achievements of 2016, including an exhibition with Birmingham Museums Trust at the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter. In September 2017, Martin O’Callaghan joined Team IGers Birmingham and then in November, Fraser decided to pursue other projects.

2018: Looking ahead
2018 involved working with a number of collaborators for instameets and events, including presenting at an event for the Birmingham Google Digital Garage. Our exhibition with Birmingham Museums Trust at the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter was extended until June and in May, Fraser decided to return to Team IGers Birmingham. Plenty more plans are afoot – watch this space!

Team IGersBirmingham

Keeping in touch:
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All platforms are updated daily with new posts and updates for the community to enjoy and contribute to.