What is an Instameet?

A key part of the IGers movement is that it’s active offline as well as online. Groups of IGers get together for events known as instameets, but what exactly are they?

What is an Instameet?

The idea behind an Instameet is that people gather together in a predefined location at a set time to capture a chosen area on camera and, then upload their images to Instagram using a unique hashtag. Instameets can take place at a location such as a particular building, or they can follow a route around a geographical area, such as a park or a particular district of the city.

Who can attend?

Anyone! You do not need to be a professional photographer or take photography seriously to come along to an Instameet – if you have a smartphone or any type of camera, you are set to go!

How do I find out when Instameets are taking place?

You will find an Instameet announcement on our Instagram account (@IGersBirmingham). The announcement will have all the exciting details for the event including when and where to meet and more importantly how to register. Sometimes there will be a limited number of places at an Instameet due to the nature of the location, sometimes the spaces are unlimited.

How do Team IGersBirmingham decide where to hold Instameets?

We come up with ideas of where to hold our Instameets because an organisation approaches us and would like us to visit, a member of the community makes a suggestion, or we simply think of the idea ourselves and think it would be a great place to hold one!

What happens at an Instameet?

Turn up at the predefined location. You will know you’re in the right place when you stumble upon a group of friendly looking people standing around looking at their smartphones and carrying their photography gear – also you might find someone’s dog usually appears! There’s always a mix of regulars and newcomers.  The best thing about Instameets is that everyone is super friendly, happy to share tips about the best apps to use, photography and even best places to shoot in and around the city. The organisers will give a mini-introduction, letting you know the format of the event, where the end point is and any other important details. There may also be a leaflet with the information written down.

Together you will all set off on your photo walk, either exploring a location of an area or going from one point to another taking lots of great photos along the way. The organisers will let you know the unique hashtags for each event so you can upload your photos as you go along or after the Instameet. Instameets are always followed by a social gathering in some of the coolest places in the city. Everyone can mingle, share stories, post their images to Instagram, see everyone else’s images and create the community that we have today.

We hope to see you at one soon!